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Work Skills Programs

Interactions with people are a fact of life in the workplace. This series covers basic employment skills in three programs. Complement this series with our Workplace Social Skills series to achieve a well-rounded transition program.

Here are the courses that are available in the Work Skills category.

Employment Information Signs and Words
The workforce presents individuals with a whole new set of vocabulary specific to job situations. Our Employment Information Signs and Words program helps users become familiar with signs and words that are used on the job, ensuring a successful transition from your classroom to the workplace. Examples of signs and words included in this program are attitude, benefits, dependents, employer, fired, hired, lay off, overtime, and vacation.
Employment Safety Signs and Words
Many job settings are potentially dangerous. This program will help users gain an understanding of basic employment safety signs and words that will help to avoid injuries on the job. Users will learn 80 safety-related words, such as caution, danger, emergency exit, keep hands clear, restricted area, this way out, watch your step, and more.
Tools at Work
Tools at Work gives users the knowledge to confidently go to a job site with a basic understanding of frequently used tools. This program familiarizes users with 80 common hand and power tools that they will encounter on the job. Examples of tools covered in this program include awl, bolt, drill bit, file, glove, hammer, safety glasses, and many more.