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Health Skills Programs

A big part of freedom and independence is learning how to take care of your physical self-especially during an emergency. Knowing how to properly take care of a cut, how to treat a headache or how to go to a pharmacy and find the correct item to treat your sore throat or cold are key functional skills that are included in this important series on health. The focus in this series on health is the correct identification and treatment of common, everyday, health-related issues.

Here are the courses that are available in the Health Skills category.

First Aid 1
This program is a must for teaching the basics of self care, personal health and wellness. The areas of first aid that are included are bruise, burn, cut (not severe), dehydration, fever, food poisoning, headache, muscle strain, scrape, sprained ankle and weigh yourself.
Pharmacy Signs and Words
As a companion to our Emergency Signs and Words program, users will also learn 80 pertinent signs and words in categories such as TERMS: clerk, dose; SYMPTOMS: a cold, chills, cut; HEALTH CARE: cough syrup, eye drops, first aid kit; TOILETRIES: cotton, deodorant; HAIR CARE: brush, comb, hair spray; COSMETICS/MAKE UP: blush, eye liner; lipstick.