Discover the Easiest Way to Teach Life Skills!

Finally, a Comprehensive Life Skills Curriculum!

An Instructor-Led, Video-Based Life Skills Curriculum

It’s been said that if a picture a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Never has that been more true than in the area of life skills, where video modeling is THE most effective method for teaching these critical life, literacy, health, math, safety, social, transportation, and work skills.

With Conover Resources for Life Skills, you have access to our comprehensive video library to teach and re-enforce these critical skills. Conover Resources for Life Skills is the perfect tool for either individual or group instruction in person or via distance learning.

Why Life Skills?

When we think about life skills, we sometimes forget that tasks we consider basic can be challenging for others. We have always held this challenge in mind for over 30 years to provide clear, straight-forward information to help learners function independently in their homes, schools, communities, and workplaces.

Available Categories

Select a category to view the available programs.

Two skill levels to accommodate all levels of learners

There are two skill levels to our videos. Level 1 is our Signs and Words Series (SWS). This is our most basic program design. Level 2 is our How to Series (HTS). This is our intermediate level programs. Select each section below to get an in-depth description.
Level 1 - Signs and Words Series
The Signs and Words Series teaches what various signs and words mean. There are videos that first show the sign and then a live-action video follows teaching what that sign means.
Level 2 - How to Series
The How to Series teaches how to do various activities. Tasks are broken into a sequence of steps performed in a set order. These tasks are all video based and are perfect for learners that can benefit from a video modeling approach to learning.

Teaching Life Skills Has Never Been Easier

We give you the tools you need to effectively teach the life skills that are critical for success. All lessons are broken down into easily identifiable categories making lesson planning a breeze!

5500+ Video-Based Lessons

Lessons in Conover Resources Life Skills are video-based, which allows you to utilize the proven method of video modeling to teach life skills using real life situations and examples.


PDF Course Workbooks Included

Each course includes it’s own PDF workbook with individual and group activities to reinforce the concepts that are taught inside Conover Resources.

Mobile Responsive Design

You can access your lessons anytime, anywhere because Conover Resources is formatted to work perfectly with any tablet, smartphone or mobile device.

Tracking Sheets for Group Instruction

Each course also includes it’s own tracking sheet, so you can quickly and easily document the progress of your users/students/clients.

New Content Added Regularly

New content is added regularly, so there’s always something fresh and new. The content is designed to be “evergreen”, or always appropriate so you can repeat as often as necessary.