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Transportation Skills Programs

Getting around in our communities is an essential skill for all of us to learn. Not knowing how to use public transportation means limiting one’s freedom and independence. This new series of programs covers the basics of safely getting around in the community from walking, riding a bike and asking and following directions, to using a variety of forms of public transportation. It also covers how to properly use transportation systems within a public building, such as escalators, elevators, sidewalks and more.

Here are the courses that are available in the Transportation Skills category.

Getting Around the Community
This How To Series program is a companion to our Public Transportation Signs and Words program. The topics covered are taking a walk, crossing the street with a signal, crossing the street without a signal, asking for directions, following directions, riding a bicycle, riding in a car or van, using an elevator and using an escalator.
Public Transportation Signs and Words
The ability to travel independently gives individuals a great sense of freedom. In order to take advantage of the public transportation system, it is essential to understand the relevant signs and words. The 80 signs and words covered in this program include airport, arrivals, ask for assistance, bus station, gate, security check, transfer and more.