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Social & Emotional Skills Programs

Perhaps nothing is more important for personal and workplace success that how to understand and use social and emotional learning or SEL.  

We all have the need for communication on a daily basis. In this program, individuals will learn about assertion and its skills. They will also see how this form of communication can make a huge difference in what they get out of life. Topics: What Is Assertion?, The Importance of Being Assertive, How to Develop Assertion, Benefits of Assertion and Improving Assertion.
Awareness of Others
Awareness of others, also referred to as interpersonal awareness, teaches individuals why and how to understand others. They will learn how to improve their interpersonal awareness skills and see the difference these skills can make. Topics covered are: Definition of Awareness of Others, Importance of Awareness of Others, How to Develop Awareness of Others, Improving Awareness of Others and the Benefits of Awareness of Others.
Awareness of Self
Awareness of Self, also called self-awareness, is where it all begins. Without a good understanding of who you are, it is difficult to improve upon other skills. In this program, individuals will learn to identify the parts that make up who they are as well as tips for improving their level of self-awareness. Topics covered: Definition of Self-Awareness, Importance of Self-Awareness, How to Develop Self-Awareness, Improving Self Awareness and the Benefits of Self-Awareness.
Commitment Ethic
Commitment Ethic teaches individuals the importance of following through. This program is full of tips to improve commitment, achieve goals and experience success. Topics covered are: What Is Commitment Ethic?, Why Commitment Ethic?, How to Develop a Commitment Ethic, Improving Commitment Ethic, Benefits of Commitment Ethic.
Decision Making
We all make hundreds of decisions throughout the day. This program breaks down the decision making process for individuals to use in decisions both big and small. Topics covered are: What Is a Decision?, What Is Decision Making?, Why Decision Making Is Important, Characteristics of a Good Decision Maker, How to Make a Good Decision.
Individuals will learn how empathy allows for a better understanding of and relation to others. Along with tips for improving empathy, this unit shows how important this skill is for improving the quality of relationships with others. Topics covered: What Is Empathy?, Why Empathy?, How to Develop Empathy, Improving Empathy and Benefits of Empathy.
This program explains what leadership is and explores what exactly makes a good leader. Individuals will learn skills necessary to step into a leadership role when the opportunity presents itself. Topics covered are: What Is Leadership?, The Importance of Leadership, What Leaders Do, Improving Leadership, What It Takes to Be a Leader.
In this program, individuals will learn about motivation and how it helps them achieve their goals. They will learn ways to both improve motivation and to avoid common obstacles that affect motivation. Topics covered are: What is Motivation? Why Motivation Matters, Goal Setting, Increasing Motivation, Overcoming Obstacles.
Physical Wellness
Everyone can benefit from making healthier choices. In this program, individuals will explore the components of physical wellness and learn how to implement them into everyday life. Topics covered are: The Definition of Physical Wellness, Why Physical Wellness Matters, How to Develop Physical Wellness, Improving Physical Wellness, Overcoming Obstacles.
Self-Esteem lies at the core of social-emotional learning. That’s because you must believe in your worth in order to commit to improving yourself and your skills. This program teaches the individual how to change low self-esteem and make way for happiness and self-confidence. Topics covered are: What Is Self-Esteem, Why Self-Esteem?, Changing Low Self Esteem, Improving Self-Esteem and the Benefits of Self-Esteem.
Stress Management
No matter how young or old we are, we all face stress in our lives; it is how we deal with it that matters. Full of practical tips for controlling and managing stress, this program teaches about stress, stressors and, most importantly, how to handle them when they arise and to use stress to your benefit. Topics are: What Is Stress?, What Is Stress Management?, Why Stress Management?, Self-Control and Improving Stress Management.
Time Management
Good time management skills are crucial for meeting goals in order to get what you want out of life. In this program, individuals will learn how to prioritize, plan and act in ways to use time productively. Topics covered are: The Definition of Time Management, How to Develop Time Management Skills, Benefits of Time Management, Improving Time Management Skills, Obstacles to Time Management.