Available Courses

Here is the list of product categories that you have access to when using Conover Resources for Life Skills.
Each category has multiple products that you can access.

Social & Emotional Skills Programs

It is no secret that social-emotional skills are key for success of all people, for social-emotional competencies are the building blocks to all social skill development. Perhaps nothing is more important for personal and workplace success that how to understand and use social and emotional learning or SEL.

Health Skills Programs

A big part of freedom and independence is learning how to take care of your physical self-especially during an emergency. Knowing how to properly take care of a cut, how to treat a headache or how to go to a pharmacy and find the correct item to treat your sore throat or cold are key functional skills that are included in this important series on health. The focus in this series on health is the correct identification and treatment of common, everyday, health-related issues.

Life Skills Programs

The Functional Life Skills programs includes many programs to assess and teach basic life skills essential for independent living.

Literacy Skills Programs

This series is perfect for beginning readers with the desire to further develop their literary skills. There are six core vocabulary programs, in addition to three noun programs and three verb programs, gradually progressing in difficulty with each program in the series. There is also one program covering basic adjectives and adverbs, Describing Words.

Math Skills Programs

Imagine trying to buy something without knowing the value of the currency or how to add prices. Understanding the value of money and how it is used is essential in order to spend and receive money. This series is designed to teach users how to handle money, from the simple task of identifying different coins and bills, to the complexities of developing a budget. This program transitions users gradually through the process from money recognition to using money, including core concepts.

Safety Skills Programs

Learning to be safe is a key skill for all of us to learn. Imagine what it would be like if you did not know the meaning of common warning signs such as Danger, Keep Off, Watch Your Step or Stop. The results could be disastrous. Learn the warning signs of trouble before it is too late.

Social Skills Programs

Social encounters are unavoidable and essential for successfully interacting with people. Individuals can be severely limited by a lack of social skills, but the good news is that these skills can be learned. The Functional Social Skills series assesses and teaches the basics of good social skills in our homes, schools, communities, and workplaces.

Transportation Skills Programs

Getting around in our communities is an essential skill for all of us to learn. Not knowing how to use public transportation means limiting one’s freedom and independence. This new series of programs covers the basics of safely getting around in the community from walking, riding a bike and asking and following directions, to using a variety of forms of public transportation. It also covers how to properly use transportation systems within a public building, such as escalators, elevators, sidewalks and more.

Work Skills Programs

Interactions with people are a fact of life in the workplace. This series covers basic employment skills in three programs. Complement this series with our Workplace Social Skills series to achieve a well-rounded transition program.